Landscape Care

Samber Landscape and Tree Care offer a full suite of services for landscape care in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you live in a small bungalow or a sprawling estate, you need regular landscaping maintenance. When you move into a new home, take a moment to consider the possibilities that arise with a smarter landscape design.

Once your lawn is growing, and your plants are thriving, the regular wear and tear associated with irrigation can take a toll. When a pipe is ruptured, or a pump fails, our irrigation repair team is ready to act fast. As our state endures years of drought and rigorous evolving standards for water usage, it helps to be associated with a reputable irrigation installation company.

Start transforming your existing landscaping with an informative consultation. Our approach to landscape architecture is informed by decades of experience in this community, and extensive training with the newest technological innovations.

Contact us today for a full suite of services including landscape care and preventative maintenance. We proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.