Tree Trimming Service

Let us address any growing threats to your roof and property by enhancing the level of natural light that your lawn and garden receive. Samber Landscape and Tree Care is focused on caring for the trees surrounding your home and property.

With more than 20 years of experience in caring for trees and evaluating their health and stability, we are the logical choice for your landscape needs. The overall health of your trees and the wellbeing of your landscape are closely related. Overgrowth of tree canopies can lead to falling limbs and limited sunlight for much of your yard. When a tree begins to deteriorate, or your lawn starts to wither due to excess shade, it’s time for a consultation with one of our arborists.

Our knowledge of Northern California makes a difference. We understand what separates many of the species that are unique to this area from others around the country. That makes a difference in the care they receive and the outcomes we are able to obtain for our clients.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our environment can cause a series of tree diseases that are both cosmetic and fatal. Understanding the cause of any deterioration you observe is a critical part of finding the right solution. For example, a bacterial disease causes Fire Blight, while Mistletoe rears its ugly head and steals water and nutrients from the host. We can determine the cause of your tree issue during our initial consultation.

Bush Pruning

Responsive Emergency Tree Service

Healthy trees can be devastated by high winds and storms when you least expect it. Call Samber Landscape and Tree Care anytime, for any emergency tree service you may need. We have the tools and expertise needed to deal with any tree-related situation.

Do not wait until a storm causes untold damage; let us resolve your issues from start to finish. Our skilled certified arborists can determine if a tree must be removed. Each of our skilled technicians arrives at your location with the right safety equipment in tow, and we follow all ISA best practices. We may also recommend some trimming and stump grinding as a part of your landscape renovation plan.

Contact us today for a tree trimming service that keeps your roof and property safe. We proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.